Yadoya Inn Matsumoto-Honjo

Yadoya Matsumoto Honjo is a private inn located in the center of Matsumoto. We invite you to use our inn as a special private space for various occasions, such as trips with family or a large group of friends.

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  • A Special Private Experience

    This Inn is available for one group per day allowing you to enjoy a special experience in a relaxed atmosphere.

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  • Comfortable Accommodations

    A luxurious space with specially prepared facilities in the Inn including a large 65-inch TV and a counter bar on the second floor.

adoya Inn Matsumoto-Honjo adoya Inn Matsumoto-Honjo

Yadoya Inn Matsumoto-Honjo feature

A space that makes special moments even more special.

This inn has a spacious living room on the first floor and a kitchen counter with two Japanese-style rooms on the second floor. Moreover, there is a laundry room with a clothes dryer and a laundry drying rack, which offers you an at-home experience. Our Inn is also fully furnished with the furniture and electrical appliances.

A private space for just one couple.

Our Inn is exclusively designed for accommodating up to 8 people. It can be used as a comfortable private space for groups, couples, or families.

Unmanned front desk

Unmanned front desk

Complete furniture

Completely furnished

Large-screen 65-inch TV

65-inch TV


Vacuum cleaner

washer and dryer

Automatic washer/dryer



microwave oven

Microwave oven

electric kettle

Electric kettle

Bathroom heater and dryer

Bathroom heater and dryer

floor heating

Heated floor

bar counter

Counter bar



free Internet

Free Internet access




Hair dryer

Free Parking

Free parking

Other /

  • Cookware (pots, pans, etc.),
  • prep area (cutting board, knives, etc.),
  • tableware,
  • laundry drying facilities,
  • clothes hangers,
  • detergents,
  • shampoo,
  • hair conditioner,
  • body soap,
  • face towel,
  • body towel,
  • bath towel,
  • etc.
  • Our Inn has an unmanned front check-in desk.

  • Check-in time is between 16:00 and 18:00. Please note that check-in cannot be made after 18:00.

  • Check-in procedures must be completed at our Inn’s unmanned check-in front desk.

  • <Check-In Procedures>

  • ➀Run the front tablets.

  • ➁Please follow the directions on your tablet to check in..

  • ※We will provide you with check-in details after we have received your reservation.

  • Check-out time is at 10:00. No check-out procedures are required, please leave by 10:00.

Resort fees

【Check HERE for stays of 1 day to 1 week!】Our budget plan with no meals

一棟貸し宿や 松本本庄

The room can accommodate up to 8 people, including friends and family. Parking is available for 2 cars free of charge.

  • without meals

  • check-in

  • 16:00-18:00

  • check-out

  • 10:00

  • ●1 night: 1-4 persons  25,000yen~
    ※After the 5th person, each additional person is 2,000 yen / person.

  • Contact us

【Check HERE for stays of 1 week or longer!】Long stay plan

一棟貸し宿や 松本本庄

Long-term stays of one week or more are available for business trips, temporary housing, etc.

  • without meals

  • check-in

  • 16:00-18:00

  • check-out

  • 10:00

  • More than 1 month: 4 persons 524,500yen~
    ※Please contact us for details.

  • Contact us

If you would like to stay at our hotel or have any furthe questions,
please contact us from below.

Surrounding Environment

We will introduce you to some of the best places to stay and visit in Matsumoto Honjo.


National Treasure Matsumoto Castle

The oldest existing five-story, six-story shopkeeper's castle in Japan, and the oldest national treasure in Japan.



One of Japan's leading mountain scenic spots, designated as a national cultural asset


Kisoji Ice and Snow Light Festival

Ice candles and snow sculptures light up the inns within Kisoji, a developmental scene.


Daio Wasabi Farm

Japan's largest wasabi garden, visited by 1.2 million people annually


Yadoya Inn Matsumoto-Honjo

2-7-20 Honjo, Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture

When coming by car

From the Matsumoto IC of the Nagano Expressway, take Route 158 in the direction of downtown Matsumoto for approximately 3.9 km (12 minutes).

By public transportation

  • Bus

    • Matsumoto excursion bus "Town Sneaker" South Course

    • Depart from "Matsumoto Castle Castle Exit" → Get off at "Shimin Geijyutsukan Nishi (Matsumoto City)", about 4 minutes ride → About 5 minutes walk

  • Train

    • Approx. 14 min. walk from Matsumoto Sta. on JR Shinonoi Line